Seeing God Anew - Dr. Hulon M. Madeley
Seeing God Anew
A Fresh Perspective on Many Biblical Revelations
by Dr. Hulon M. Madeley
This five-star rated book is a Bible commentary like no other on the market. It contains relevant insights from both the Scriptures, (325 references), and from the natural sciences. Understanding the natural processes that have and still are operating in our physical world will reveal much about our God as Paul so clearly stated in Romans 1:19-20. These two Bible approved sources together, provide readers a greater depth of understanding than a study of the Bible alone. Careful readers of this 224 page volume will get clear and defendable answers to both the why and how questions associated with over 50 events described from Genesis through John’s Revelation. Examples of these include:
  1. All of the events in the two creation accounts
  2. The flood,
  3. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah,
  4. The destruction of Jericho,
  5. The Great Exodus
  6. The physical and personal details associated with Jesus’ death and afterwards
  7. All the personal, physical, and military developments in John’s Revelation
In addition to the unique analysis of the above events, readers will gain wonderful insights into the writings of Daniel, Matthew, Luke, John, and other biblical notables on the major problems and issues that continue to exist today.
The overall result of this more complete approach to Bible study is that readers will come to view their God as far more loving, more powerful, more wise, and more in control of our world than they could have ever imagined. This revelation of our God is provided through the experiences of the biblical leaders. These are "pulled" directly from the biblical accounts. The concluding chapter relates many of the newly introduced understandings to the most pressing problems in our families, communities, and our world at large.

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